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What do you want engraved?  Our laser technology allows us to etch and engrave many materials including wood, glass, stone, leather, plastic, and metal (both coated and uncoated), to name a few. Our laser engraves with extremely fine detail to produce smooth edges and a high-quality result. Here are just a few ideas:

Personalized gifts for any occasion, like special events, retirements, weddings, memorials, etc.

Insignias & custom graphic design

Initials & names

Firearms & accessories, including NFA engravings


Photo Engraving

Use any high resolution image and have it laser engraved on one of our many wooden cutting boards.

Logo Engraving

Have your name, monogram, initials, business logo, team logo or custom logo engraved on one of many different colored Swig tumblers.

Specialty Engraving

Send your tumbler or other items to us and we can custom laser engrave them.


For a more traditional “engraved” look, Rotary engraving grooves into materials such as metal, plastics and glass, achieving very slight depth with a nice finish effect. Rotary engraving is common when personalizing metal producing faceted subsurface cuts. As it is computer controlled, rotary engraving allows…

Common applications for rotary engraving are:

  • Personalized gifts

  • Jewelry engraving

  • Plastic and metal signage including ADA signs

  • Tools and parts engraving

  • Bridal engraving

  • Trophies and awards


We offer rotary engraving services for gift items, firearms, jewelry, weddings and more. Rotary engraving leaves an fine groove engraving which adds class and elegance to traditional style. Our specialty rotary engraver is very versatile and can engrave just about anything that can fit in it. Although it is most commonly used for the awards industry, we rotary engrave swords, mobile phones, medical instruments and more.


Rotary Engraving Benefits

Versatility – Engrave on round, curved or flat surfaces on many materials with a consistent depth. The major advantage rotary engraving has over other engraving systems is it can engrave just about any metal, coated or uncoated.

Identification – Quickly mark serial and identification numbers on metal and plastic materials such as tools, parts, and valuables like jewelry and electronics.

Longevity – Rotary engraving uses a spindle to dig into the material, leaving a permanent engraving which can only be removed by damaging the item.

Compliance – Rotary engravers are used to make ADA compliant signs, and meets ATF requirements for serialization into firearms.

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